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You may initiate transactions online at https://transaction.tsacg.com.
Educational Video Presentations

Educational Videos

Online Distribution System -
Overview on how to obtain immediate transaction approval


TSACG Educational Video - Why Should I Start Saving Now?

Click here for a PDF script of video presentation.

TSACG Educational Video - Investment Options


TSACG Educational Video - Getting Started


TSACG Educational Video - Be The Hero of Your Financial Future


TSACG Educational Video - Directing Your Financial Future




Michigan Retirement Investment Consortium (MRIC) Videos:

General Educational Video for MRIC

Video message from Mike Hagerty and Jeff Crouse representing MRIC:

MRIC Core Investment Providers' Video Presentations:

  • VALIC - Click here to view the VALIC video for MRIC.
  • Waddell & Reed - Click here to view the Waddell & Reed video for MRIC.


  • Midwest Capital Advisors - MRIC specific video below:



  • MEA Financial Services - MRIC specific video below:

  • PlanMember Services - MRIC specific video below: