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Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Background
U.S. OMNI & TSACG Compliance Services (USOTCS) is a privately held Florida based corporation founded solely for the purpose of providing retirement plan compliance and administration services to eligible employers in public school systems and colleges.

Our company was formed in 1994 to develop compliance services that were unavailable to employers at that time. A new need for such services was established as a result of the compliance concerns of the Internal Revenue Service and their auditing activities.

USOTCS's experience with public school systems in the 403(b)/457(b)/401(a) arena was a key factor in our ability to develop the program, which is tailored to their special needs and work environment. This program, The Compliance Edge®, allows for the most efficient method of computing and monitoring contribution guidelines in the industry. It is recognized as a significant improvement in this vital process. The employee awareness and educational materials utilized in this system are produced by USOTCS and are designed to enhance the perception and acceptance of this important employee benefit.

In 2021, TSACG joined the U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners (USRBP) family, which includes full integration with U.S. OMNI to form U.S. OMNI & TSACG Compliance Services. Our partnership allows us to offer clients access to a broader array of compliance services, which complements the superior 403(b)/457(b) compliance and administration services TSACG clients have relied upon for over 25 years. This relationship will enable U.S. OMNI & TSACG Compliance Services to provide unique and exceptional services nationally for all clients and participants. 

Mission Statement
USOTCS is committed to providing superior plan compliance and administration services to its clients. We continue developing and maintaining state-of-the-art information systems for plan sponsors and employees, which ensures the viability of their retirement savings programs. USOTCS serves clients by providing the right solutions to fit each individual client's needs. We are continually broadening our approach to professional representation, ethical standards, and comprehensive performance of our duties in the service of our clients.

Quality Standards
The nature of compliance administration services requires a firm commitment to the maintenance of due diligence efforts. USOTCS has consistently utilized the services of independent authoritative sources to evaluate the quality of its product. Employees are required to be actively involved in academic and professional accreditation programs to further their abilities in effectively servicing our clientele. Key employees of USOTCS are members of the National Tax Shelter Association (NTSA), which is the most prominent industry association for practitioners.

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